Legal notes on privacy

According to Art. 13 "Rules concerning personal data protection" of the Italian Data Protection Act (D.Lgs. 30 June 2003, n.196), we inform our customers that all data provided is recorded according to the following rules

Why we collect customer data

All data recorded by Xelera is used exclusively to provide products and services to our customers.

Additionally, Xelera may use recorded data for urgent technical advisories, excluding advertisement.

Xelera will use recorded data to send advertisement only if the customer allows us to do so.

Which data we need

In order for us to be able to provide products or services to our customers we need the following data: company or organization name, address, "Codice Fiscale" (for Italian customers) and VAT number, customer's name and email of at least one designated contact within the client's organization.

Disclosure of the following data is optional: consent to receive advertisements by Xelera, consent to receive advertisements from third party.

Xelera does not record any sensitive personal data.

How we transmit data

Xelera records and transmits customer data in encrypted form, granting access only to authorized persons.

Xelera transmits data to its providers exclusively as needed for the fulfillment of the services they provide.

The only third party to which Xelera may have to routinely disclose customer data is our contracted accountants, exclusively for accounting and tax purposes.

Xelera may transmit data to its suppliers for third party services; in this case data transmission is restricted to data strictly required by the service providers.

Customer rights

Customers can enquire about the existence of data records concerning them; Xelera will reply via email as soon as practically possible within the timeframe set by law.

Data owners can ask Xelera:

  • to amend or update their data as held by Xelera

  • to permanently erase or anonymise data which is not needed for the fulfillment of Xelera's responsibilities towards the client

Data owners have the right to oppose

  • that their data is held by Xelera; in this case Xelera will not be able to provide its services or products

  • that their data is collected for advertisement or marketing purposes

Data records manager

Data records manager is Andrea Rota (