Analysis and development

To fully satisfy your needs all project requirements - be it small or big - needs to be properly defined: in very simple cases some information is enough for us to provide you a sales offer for the development, in all other cases we need a full technical specification.

If you don't have the resources to compile a full project specification we provide this service: Xelera brings it's competence at your hands so you can ask us or any third-party a project quotation and make efficient costs reviews.

Xelera Integrated Infrastructure

Services run by software installed on hosts you use for your daily work are the heart of your IT infrastructure, they should be integrated to get best results.

Xelera provides a full range of Free Software based services:

  • virtualization of your hosts to consolidate and save money you spend for hardware

    many virtual servers - isolated and independent from the others - run on one physical host

  • terminal servers

    many users can efficiently use the same application server with a thin client terminal

    save desktop management costs consolidating all user base on a single application server

    cheaper cost per seat

    save energy costs

  • file and printers sharing with Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX client machines

    using CIFS sharing protocol

    supports domain logon

    access control trough fine grained ACLs (Access Control Lists)

  • email server

    access all your email messages from everywhere centralised: use the standard IMAP protocol to access your message store from your preferred email client

    reliable and secure thanks to it's anti-spam and anti-virus software

    simple to use trough it's optional web interface

  • electronic fax management

    receive your faxes in your email store

    emails are routed according to fax number

    automatically print your faxes

    route your faxes to custom applications, i.e. to your DMS (Document Management System)

    send PDF documents trough a simple graphical interface

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    extend your local network (LAN) trough Internet

    encrypt all your VPN network traffic to protect your data and privacy

    compatible with GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Microsoft Windows clients

  • backup systems

    tape-less backup: use commodity hard disks avoiding costly dedicated and obsolete hardware like tape drives

    full and incremental backups for a configurable time period

    remote backups to safely store your valuable data

Application integration

Integrate all your applications in a coherent business process simplify your work with BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) using web services

Xelera provides business process analysis services and development of application integration for process automation

Migration to a Free Software infrastructure

Xelera will guide your business in the process of liberation from legacy proprietary software

We help you to build your Free Software IT infrastructure


Human resources is the most valuable asset in your organisation and an essential part of your IT infrastructure

We help you in the management process of your IT infrastructure with our Xelera Technical Support services, but if you wish we can transfer some competences to your staff, so they are able to manage base system administration of your IT infrastructure, using Xelera as a tier 2 support organisation.

Pleas contact us with your requests for a sale offer of our training courses.