Supporting your business in the cloud and on the web

We design, develop and manage IT infrastructures and web services to efficiently support organizations in their everyday operations.

We are a Free Software studio: all our products and solutions are based exclusively on Free Software, and we release under a Free Software license all the code we write.

Our products

  • WordPress Content Management System

    We can host your WordPress-powered websites on our infrastructure so that you can focus on your content and web experience while we make sure that your site performs best.

  • Xelera Integrated Infrastructure

    Our Integrated Infrastructure package lets you run all the IT services you need for the daily operations of your organization, based exclusively on Free Software so that you are always in control.

Our services

  • Analysis and development

    From reliable and scalable backends to rich and engaging frontends, we build web applications to help you focus on your business goals.

  • Application integration

    Integrate all your applications in a coherent business process, simplify your work with BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) using web services.

  • Migration to a Free Software infrastructure

    Xelera will guide your business in the process of liberation from legacy proprietary software.

  • Training

    Your people's knowledge and skills are the most valuable assets in your organization: we can provide a broad range of expert training to help you make the best of your Free Software infrastructure.


  • Xelera Technical Support

    We provide a fast and expert response to your IT support requests to help you run your infrastructure reliably.